Aluxes (Star Camp Shasta)


It all started when...

According to legend, Aluxes, a mythical Mayan elf-like creature, are the guardians of property, particularly land, but also personal belongings. They are said to appear at night, when humans sleep. They are born in moonlight, and they seek magical places to hide and play, like caves and cenotes. Few ever see them, for they are agile and lightfooted creatures as shy as they are playful. Black belt and father of 3, and Manowar fan since 1990, Aluxes turned his ear to the phenomenon called psytrance as his only choice of electronic music. Setting up events at the Seed of Life Cafe in Mt. Shasta, he introduced the first psy-only night in the summer of 2012 with his wife, Goldilox (Star Camp). They joined forces and created StarSeed psytrance. He’s been building the soundsystem for Star Camp Shasta, and is an excellent sound mechanic.