Diffus (Occulta Records)


It all started when…

Diffus is Bjorn Olsson Located in Gothenburg on the Swedish west coast. Björn started painting at an early age and since 97 he´s been painting psychedelic backdrops for events. First Inspired by old Swedish folklore and fairytales, they feature: Trolls, fairies, dragons, elfs and dark twisted forests. Growing up in the 80´s Björn got facinated by the electronic music sound. In 2003 he started making tunes in Fruity Loops and still is. Early tracks was influenced by oldschool Goa/Psytrance Combined with progressive forest sounds. Now producing Psytrance mainly in the Dark progressive / Forest Progressive style and sometimes also stretching in to both psytech and forestpsytrance depending on the mood. " - When I´m creating art or music it´s like the same creative process but channeled in different medias."