Where is it?
About 40 miles northeast of Mt. Shasta, on private property. This is a private event for people who like psytrance and electronic music. It is not a rave, and you need a ticket to enter. By purchasing a ticket you are agreeing to behave yourself, leave with all of your trash and recycling, and respect the land and all of the surrounding areas, which is home to the people creating the event.

When is it?
Tentatively, Friday, July 31st to Monday August 3rd, 2020. Music starts Friday Evening and goes until Monday afternoon. We are going an extra night!  Get there early (Friday anytime after doors open at noon) if you want to camp in a good spot, camping/parking will be extremely limited this year.  Everybody is welcome to spend the night on Monday.  You can also help by helping us with strike/cleanup on Monday.

Will there be tickets available at the door?

How long is the drive, where are the closest Airports?:  
The closest town is Weed, CA, and then it's an hour or so from there. It will take you a little over 5 hours drive time from the Bay Area, and over an hour coming from Mt. Shasta.  Directions will be announced closer to the date.  Closest airports are Medford Oregon, SFO (San Francisco Intl Airport), OAK (Oakland), SAC (Sacramento CA), Reno NV, and Redding CA. 

Do I need a 4wd to get there?
4wd is not required, but recommended. Your vehicle should be in good repair with solid tires & good clearance.  We are required by the State to widen the road in order to get permits for 2020. Once again, we are fixing the roads so that they are smooth, and resurfacing some parts. A large portion of road has also been recently graded in 2017.  It is 6.5 miles on a dirt road with rocks and dust.  You can do fine in a normal passenger car if you DRIVE SLOWLY and CAREFULLY on the dirt road, in a lower gear.  If you run into any mechanical trouble with your car, call Black Butte Tow at 530-938-1110.  They do not accept AAA but you can get reimbursed.  A lot of people like to rent a car for the trip and get the damage waiver.  If you have the option of renting a high-clearance vehicle, choose that.   RVs, Buses, Trailers, and RV trailers NOT ALLOWED for the safety of everyone and the risk of getting stuck.  Cabover Campers, Camper Vans, Pickup Trucks are Ok.

Should I be prepared for an emergency?
Yes! When venturing out into nature and away from civilization, do your part to be prepared for the unexpected. Extra water, food, spare tire, tire jack, tools, jumper cables, your medications (if any), warm clothing, good shoes, a warm jacket, an extra phone battery pack, you know the deal. Pretend like you are going to burning man or that there will be a Zombie Apocalypse. Be ready for instruction in the event of a natural disaster. 

What is the weather like?
It’s high-elevation California mountain weather. Dry in the summer, cooler than in Mt. Shasta, sometimes very hot and dusty, sunny days, and chilly sometimes frosty nights. Prepare for cold nights!!  The roads are very dusty. There is a link for the current weather on the Weather page. Prepare yourself for mountain camping and bring some layers, especially a winter jacket. Rain is unlikely but it doesn’t hurt to be prepared for it. 

Should I carpool/rideshare:

Private Property signs/video:
Yes we have put a lot of them up.  They are to keep unwanted people out, and you would be surprised at how many problems we’ve had with trespassers and why we need them.  If you see one, you can be assured you are still on the property.  Have fun and don’t worry about the signs on your walks, or where you park.  There is one exception to this rule, if you see a "do not enter" sign - please don't! Thanks! 

Trash and Recycling / Compost
Leave no trace!  Bring it, Pack it!!!  If the people camped next to you leave trash behind, please pick it up!  We will have a compost bin.  Remember, picking up trash is sexy.
*Smokers please don’t drop your butts on the ground.
*Drinkers don’t throw bottle caps, cans or bottles on the ground.
*In the morning, please collect all butts bottles and cans from the ground if there is any.
*If you see anything on the ground that is not organic or out of place, please pick it up! 
*Please respect the land and the people around you.
*If you are one of those people who have no intention of leaving with your trash, please leave it near a road so we can see it. We will hate you for leaving your trash, but you much less hated than if you leave a bag of trash in the woods for the wild animals to spread all over. 
*If you need a trash bag that will not leak in your car, ASK! We have them available for FREE

Fire Safety:



*Propane cooking stoves must be on a table
*No fire performances!
*Briquette BBQs not allowed
*No open flames or tealights
*No smoking on the dancefloor or dj booth
*Please ask for one of our FREE altoid can ashtrays at the door, and use them!

*No discarded butts on the ground, please use the free ashtrays or one of our strategically placed sand buckets


What is a Car Impact Fee? 
One is needed for each car and the money helps us maintain the roads and create parking space. This isn't cheap for us, and the more cars come the more money it costs us to fix the roads before or after the event. This is not a ploy for us to nickel and dime you, this is a way for us not to lose money like in years past. Road repair costs are the 1000's every year.  Please buy one in advance as we will run out of spaces.  Please carpool! Car impact fee ticket is not the same as car camping, Car Camping is first come first serve and we do not offer tickets for that at this time. A car impact fee does not apply to motorcycles because they do not require so much space and damage the road. 

If you are on staff, artist, or crew you don't need to pay the fee unless you want to. Artists guests need to pay if they are coming in separate car.

Is there a ticket for car camping?
Not at this time.  Car camping is a first come, first serve basis and usually fills up very quickly. Get to the event by FRIDAY if you can! We don't have tickets for that, just get there early as it will fill up very fast. 

What is Car Camping? 
Car camping simply means camping next to your car. When the Car Camping Areas fill up, there is parking in parking lots where tents are NOT allowed in the areas that cars can park. Camping in your vehicle is allowed, no matter where you park. 

The roads and walkways are dusty.  Do yourself a favor and bring a dust kerchief, sturdy shoes, and some wet wipes. You and your car will get dirty.  Not as bad as Burning Man, but, California mountain dirty.  

Got ear plugs?  

Bring sturdy shoes, long pants, shorts, tanktops, thermals, and a winter jacket. Don't forget your towel. It can get super cold (freezing) or really hot, be prepared for both.

RV’s/Trailers:  NO!!!!!
Box Trucks, Buses, RV's, Trailers, and RV Trailers NOT ALLOWED, no exceptions. Basically, if your vehicle is longer than 20 feet, the roads cannot handle it, and there is no place to park large vehicles. Camper vans, Cabover campers on a proper 4wd vehicle are OK. If you disregard directions and show up in an RV, you will be turned around and sent away to park very far away with no way back up, and you can quite possibly get stuck - don't try it!   If you have any questions email starcampshasta@gmail.com 

Please drink responsibly. We will not be selling or providing any alcohol. Drunks not welcome.  NO RENEGADE BARS!!!!!!! If you are bringing any bottles, please bring them back to your camp and take them with you when you leave.

We don’t have a no glass policy yet. Please PACK OUT YOUR RECYCLING...or we will have a no glass policy next time!  Glass bottles left behind at the lake are a big NO! Pack out your trash! 

Bring Cash for Lydia's Foods which will be serving a professional menu of organic food during the entire event!  Please bring your own food, too, be prepared for anything.

Propane Cookstoves/Grills:
Allowed, but only if elevated on a table and combustibles are cleaned from the surrounding area. Do not leave stoves unattended.  No charcoal grills allowed, thank you. 

No we don’t have refrigeration...bring a cooler...But we are assuming you will bring a cooler too because you are camping and bringing your own food. Sorry, we don’t have ice for sale, pick some up in Weed before you head up.

Bring a jug to fill up at the hand pump at the well (near the blue shed) It’s a good idea to bring some of your own water.  The well water has been tested and is very pure and cold. There is only one water point and you will have to walk to it so plan accordingly. 
*Please stay hydrated, as this is dry, dusty, high elevation mountain weather. Think Burning Man, just not as hardcore...

We will have professional insured medical staff and if you have a medical emergency, please contact any of our crew to find it. 

Sorry we do not have public showers. 

Public Toilets:
Of course! We will have portapotties, including an A.D.A toilet. Can we remind people not to throw trash down the place where you poop is? They charge us a lot of money for trash in the hole, they pretty much double the cost of the rental. We will have trash cans inside the portapotties in case this isn't clear.  

People with disabilities:
Please contact us so we can serve you better, starcampshasta@gmail.com

Cell Service:
Your phone will go in and out of range as soon as you get off the freeways, but will come back once you arrive to the event. Unfortunately, many parts of the road in do not have service.  If you have AT&T or Verizon, you will have text service at Star Camp, and you can make phone calls if you walk to high ground.  Other carriers, perhaps, but not sure. 

There will be on system centrally located.  No second stage this year. Bring earplugs for sleepy time!!!

Please Bring:
Refillable containers for water, deet-free bug spray, sunscreen, winter and summer clothes, food, your camping stuff, tent, a heavy duty sleeping bag and extra blanket, trashbags. Bring your HEADLAMP/flashlight because this is a campout with no city lights!

Recommended to bring:
Wet wipes, First Aid,  Lotion, Sun shower, Chapstick, blankets, chairs, extra batteries, toilet paper, did we already say flashlight?? A folding cart or wagon is very useful for fetching water, etc. 

What not to bring:
Weapons, Firearms, Drugs, Explosives, Fireworks, Fire toys (this isn't Burning Man), Renegade Soundsystems, Renegade bars, Unapproved Pets, or RV's/Trailers

Kids 17 and under accompanied by a parent FREE admission.

Dog Policy:
We have a dog application process which will re-open when tickets go back on sale. Please do not try to sneak in your dog! For those of you who have approved dogs, please follow the doggie rules.

Poisonous Animals, Plants, and Bites, Severe Allergies:
Star Camp is Tick-free, Poison Oak-free, Scorpion-free, and the snakes and frogs are harmless!!!!!  What other land in California can claim that?  There might be a few biting mosquitos, bring your bugspray.  If you are allergic to Bees or Yellow Jackets please take caution, they can be present. Bring your Epi-pen if you are allergic!  Bring your asthma inhaler, or asthma meds etc, if you have allergies to dust or pollen.  

Lost and Found:
Please don’t lose your stuff! But if you do contact starcampshasta@gmail.com, please note that we will be charging you shipping to send your items to you, but that can be arranged. Also give us some time to recover from the event to get your stuff back to you. 

What's the refund policy?
If the event gets cancelled for any reason, you will get a refund.  Otherwise, refunds on pre-sales available up to 7 days before the event. 

Do I have to bring my printed ticket to the event?
It helps, but we also have a list with all the ticketholders on it at the gate.

Can I update my ticket registration information?
Log into eventbrite.com with the email you registered your ticket with, and you can change it.

Is my ticket name transferrable if I sell my ticket to someone else?
Please log into eventbrite.com with the email you registered your ticket with to do name transfers.

Is it ok if the name on my ticket or registration doesn't match the person who attends?
We would much rather you transfer your ticket, but we will work with you. See above about transferring the ticket. 

2020 Apps will open in 2020

2020 Apps will open in 2020

DJ/Artist submissions:
2020 Apps will open in 2020

Thank you for reading!
Did we forget to mention something?  email starcampshasta@gmail.com  and let us know