It all started when...

Fr0stsp1re has been producing and DJing electronic music since the early 90s. Influenced by early electronic and psychedelic music from the 1970s, he continues to explore the latest styles of EDM focusing mainly on psychedelic trance sub genres. Originally from San Francisco, California, fr0stsp1re has relocated to the Pacific Northwest where he has resided in Seattle Washington during the 1990s. Heavily involved in the underground electronic music scene that was growing at the time, he decided to take a long break from music to pursue other things. But that did not keep him away forever. Now residing in Portland Oregon, he is back from a 15 year hiatus with new material and a new weapons array in the DJ booth. fr0stsp1re has quickly gotten back into the scene playing at many events including Star Camp in MT Shasta California and Psyquinox at MT Hood Oregon.