KAHN (Pulsar Music, Solar Tech Records)


It all started when...

Coming to the dance floor with a diverse background of musical experiences, Kahn conveys a unique vibe of melodic, intelligent, and seductively aggressive beats; framed by pulsating, stimulating basslines, and driven by powerful Full-On leads. In his DJ sets, the dancer can expect to hear only the most modern electric sounds from around the globe - with an emphasis on heavy, funky ("Funkadelic"), and melodic Full-On Psychedelic Trance and Progressive. Kahn has been influenced by many other genres along the way, which continue to drive his musical choices today. Kahn has been part of Southern California's electronic music and dance scene since 2005, and has been listening to and collecting electronic music for over 15 years. Always taking experiences from the dancefloor back into the DJ booth and into the studio, Kahn continues to evolve as a DJ and an artist! In July 2010, KAHN in collaboration with fellow DJ/Producer ST BLACK, began organizing monthly PULSAR gatherings. which have evolved into a variety of different gatherings and events, located all over southern California. Over the past 8 years, PULSAR has consistently organized family-style Psytrance gatherings and events including: (their "flagship") NEBULA & PULSAR ANNIVERSARY (located annually in the Mojave Desert), and a multitude of other outdoor and indoor gatherings, at locations ranging from clubs to dark underground warehouses. The common thread is an emphasis on music and community.