Welcome to Weed VA - Digital Release (MP3)

Welcome to Weed VA - Digital Release (MP3)


"Welcome to Weed" is a compilation of artists who played at the outdoor gathering Star Camp Shasta 2018 near Weed, California. They have all graciously become a part of the Star Camp Family and have donated a track for the Compilation. This V.A. is a benefit to help with road repair and 2020 permits for the event! Love all of your support <3 / Mastering by E.V.P. by Wild Mastering, UK // Album art by Diffus (Björn Olsson) // www.starcampshasta.com

"A Friend in Weed is a Friend Indeed!"

Catalog number SSPVA001

Welcome to Weed

01. Coral & Gizma_Star Camp 142

02. Random_The Stars on Weed 147 F

03. Goldilox_The Wokening 146 Em

04. Goldilox_Kulning 148 Cm

05. Diffus_A Sweede In Weed 148 Gm

06. Crooked Mind _The Cat 150 Cm

07. Kri Samadhi_The Long Trip 150 D

08. Aluxes_Demons of Light 153 E

09. Psypien_Weed Welcomes You 154 Cm

10. Upavas VS Jekks_Stoners Delight 156 Gm

11. Joshuasca ft Cogito Hazard_Weediculous 160

12. Zul_Heavy MIDI Thunder 170

13. Xhamanik Ritual & SEV_High Vibration 175 Am

Released April 20, 2019
Mastering by E.V.P. by Wild Mastering, UK

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