Serendipity (Star Camp Shasta, Divine Movement)


It all started when...

Rosie AKA Serendipity was born into a very musical family. There was always a song being sung or an instrument being played by someone in the house for as long as she can remember. Her early ventures in music included musical theatre, cello, and recorder. During her teenage years she studied classical guitar and through her studies discovered her love of flamenco guitar and music. She had the privilege of learning the art of flamenco guitar from artist and composer Maria Zemantauski. Her explorations in flamenco lead her to realize her desire to focus on rhythm and dance oriented music. She began collecting vinyl in 2006 after a trip to Europe introduced her to the world of electronic dance music. Determined to learn the true art of DJing and build a solid foundation, she rejected the modern computer technologies that were becoming so popular and learned to DJ mixing strictly vinyl in the midst of the digital DJ craze. After much experimentation and evolution, her style has developed into a musical expression that strives to create a flow of energy that is beautiful, uplifting, and inspiring on the dance floor. Her genres range from deep tech-house, to melodic/progressive/psychedelic techno, and progressive psytrance.