Xhamanik Ritual (Isotropic Sounds Records)

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It all started when…

Cristopher Alvarez was born in Costa Rica in 1985 begun at the age 17 finding himself interested into Psychedelic trance music. He started in the psytrance scene around 2005 assisting to local psytrance parties and got very interested about and the psychedelic music, then he started to promote events with a few friends at 2008 behind the ISOTROPIC SOUNDS crew name getting very involved with his feelings for the music. By 2008 the crew changed the focus to psychedelic music production and he started to feel the need of getting into the psychedelic music world. He started making his own sounds and experimenting with synths, so began his own musical project named Xhamanik Ritual. Darkpsy and High Tech are considered as the main psychedelic music influences so he describes his style as a mix weird creepy melodies, glitch textures, aggressive leads and morphing atmosphere with music between 148 - 190 BPM. Immediately started playing at local parties expanding and sharing his mind bending sets at important festivals with international artists like artists as Dark Elf (Disco Valley Recs), Arcek (Kamino Recs), Kashyyyk (Kamino Recs), Psykovsky (Tanttrum Recs- Osom music) , Cosmo (Noise Poison Rec), Highko (Noise Poison Rec),Kindzadza (Osom Music Recs), Ninesense Kabayun (2to6 Rec), Mubali, Will O`Wisp, Frantic Noise (Dark Prisma Rec), Bombax (Free Radical Recs), Dirty Phreak (Lamat Recs),Venom Sense ( Psybaba Rec) Paraforce (Shiva Squad Recs), Priapizzm (Anomalistic Rec), Highko (Noise Poison Rec), Antagon (Damaru Rec), Psychotic Micro (GMB Israel), Greenix (Fraktal Kaos), Grim (Caleidoscopio Recs), Terranoise (Doof Records - Terranoise Media), Bodhi 13:20 (2t6 Recs), Silly Twit (Neurotrance Recs) ,Megalopsy (Dark Prisma Recs), Insector (Kamino Rec), Demonizz (9th Circle Recs), Parandroid (Noise Poison Rec), Orestis (Sonic Loom Recs, Insane Creatures & Tyndra (Purple Hexagon Records, Glossolalia (Dark Prisma Recs) and others.... Some other projects have been created between 2014~2016 such as Vimana Riders in collaboration with Crooked Mind, and Xhamanizzm in collaboration with Cooper Priapizzm.