Zenith (SunDance Records)


It all started when...

Zenith plays genre-blending aural arrays of hypnotic, psychedelic, trance-inducing persuasions. Her track selections heed the Universal Principle - matter is energy vibrating at a rate, currently imperceptible rate within this realm. Zenith directs dancers towards their celestial pinnacle. Achieving audio-scintillation, facilitating trance-floor-mation by integrating frequencies & motion in ascendancy she reflects & challenges duality through music. Zenith knows that by reconstructing the binaries of Self & Other on the trancefloor we catch ephemeral glimpses of our ‘archaic’ & ‘uncivilized’ sElves. Hosting a weekly dose of Electronic Goodness on 4zZzFM in the 00’s, Zenith's entertained for 15+ years. Earthdance SEQ, Dragon Dreaming Festival, Omega3 Productions, Dragonflight, Earth Frequency Festival and Solstice Sounds:Redux to mention a selection of pies that have featured her fingers as co-creator. Holding diverse roles within this multifaceted commUnity, Zenith contributes delectable offerings, cultivating positive intentions & delivering sonic sensations.