Zul (Psyslut SF)


It all started when…

Zul the Gatekeeper of Divine Resonance is a demigod of Apollo and minion of Arjuna. His parents strapped him with a violin when he was only a tender age of 4. But it didn't take long for Zul to realize that what was on hand was beyond just a device that used a bow to create a timbre within a distinct frame of frequencies that gave it the violin sound. But making the instrument sing the violin sound was something that required a certain level of control that only comes with repetition, practice, and time. Zul didn't care about that at all. He just went off in his own world and made all kinds of sounds and didn't take long for him to realize the power of sound; how sounds can affect emotions, especially those around him. He instantly fell in love with this power more so than the instrument at hand. His parents also felt the power and decided to take the violin away six months later to prevent further domestic distortion that often entailed destruction. Fast forward decades later, Zul is still creating sounds. But instead of using it to impose distruptions, he now serves a Triple Divine Directive for The People to illuminate, awaken, and liberate using a high frequency resonant medicine known to The People as psytrance.